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Caribbean Mediacal University publication catalog includes all active publications such as catalogs, circulars, bylaws, guides, handbooks, research bulletins, research reports and articles.

The University also offers educational video and multimedia products that cover a broad range of topics. The Academic Department is responsible for producing resources ranging from videos to multimedia products. These products cover a broad spectrum of topics and are all designed to educate and inform.

CMU Catalog
The catalog contains all information about the University, programs offered, tuition fees, financial aid, living on the island and application process. Its designed to familiarize prospective students with CMU and guide them through admission process.
size:2875 kb   format: PDF   published: January '16

Student Orientation Guide

Orientation Guide
The purpose of this Orientation Guide with its attachments is to help new students with transition into medical school and the island of Curacao. It provides a valuable guidance on how to prepare the first trip to Curacao and usefull tips on how to settle on the island.
size:649 kb   format: PDF   published: November '16

Student Handbook
It is a comprehensive guide for current CMU students during the course of study. It consists of full curriculum and course description, exams regulations, Honor Code, Student Government Association, and more.
size:720 kb   format: PDF   published: November '16

Clinical Clerkships Handbook
The Clinical Rotations are crucial for the completing MD Program, therefore the handbook will prepare students for the Clerkships and provide them with guidelines while taking this important step towards the degree.
size:1768 kb   format: PDF   published: January '17

Once accepted to the University, students are required to gather all the following documents and bring them to the campus in order to satisfy the requirements of the Curacao Immigration Authority and to obtain a Student Residence Permit..
size:1655 kb   format: PDF   published: November '16

Student Government Constitution
The document governances the Student Government Assosication, which realizes student power at the University, creates the official representative voice of the student body and promotes the welfare of the cultural, academic, and social aspects of the student community.
size:171 kb   format: PDF   published: January '10

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