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Welcome to the online information center on Student Forms, Applications and Petitions. This channel of the University website provides you with access to all of our official forms.

Prior to downloading or filing your form, please note the following:

  • Fees should be made payable to Caribbean Medical University.
  • Please take the time to read the Instruction on each form before submitting.
  • Some forms may be available for electronic filing. Please see the Online Filing icon to the right.
  • Signature Requirements: Some forms require signature, if filing online you would have to login to MYCMU to confirm your identity.
  • Most of the pdf forms are fillable on your computer so you need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your machine.
  • The forms below are listed in alphabetic order, please look carefully for the form you require.

Please Note: Forms won't be processed until the required fee is paid by check or credit card.

ID Title Description Fee Where to File pdf online
AD-1 Info Request Request for CMU Catalog, Application and Letter of Recommendation forms to be sent by regular mail. none Office of Admission N/A CMU
AD-2 Application Application for Admission Form for prospective students applying to the University. $75.00 Office of Admission PDF CMU
AD-3 Letter of Recommendation Letter of Recommendation Form to submit along with the Application form for CMU admission process. none Office of Admission PDF N/A
AD-4 Admission Acceptance Form Form to accept the offer of admission that needs to be submited along with a seat deposit upon acceptance. none Office of Admission PDF N/A
AD-5 Immigration Booklet and Form Application for Student's Temporary Residence Permit to stay on the island during the course of study. none Office of Admission PDF N/A
CD-3 Student Clerkship Questionnaire Students use this questionnaire to provide feedback on the completed rotation. none Clinical Department PDF N/A
RG-1 Transcript Request This form is required to obtain an official transcript from the University. $50.00 Registrar's Office PDF N/A
DN-1 Leave of Absence This form is required to apply for Leave of Absence from the University for any reason. none Dean's Office PDF N/A
FI-1 Credit Card Authorization Authorization form for credit or debit card tuition payments. none Finance Department PDF CMU
FI-2 E-Check Authorization Authorization form for electronic check tuition payments. none Finance Department PDF CMU
FI-3 Payment Plan Monthly payment plan form for credit card account charges. 5% Finance Department PDF CMU
FI-4 Auto-Debit Form Semester payment plan form for bank account charges. -5% Finance Department PDF CMU
FA-1 MedLoan Application To apply for CMU's MedLoan Financial Aid Program, please use this form. $200.00 Financial Aid Department PDF CMU
FA-2 Direct Loan Disbursement To have MedLoan/EdMed disbursement(s) deposited to a bank account. none Financial Aid Department PDF CMU
RG-2 Diploma Request Form Please fillout this form to request an official diploma from CMU. $50 Registrar's Office PDF N/A
RG-1 Withdrawal Request If you are planning to transfer or withdraw from the University, a Withdrawal Request form is required. none Registrar's Office PDF N/A
RF-1 Registration Form This form is required to register at campus on every semester. none Students Services PDF N/A
GC-1 Grievance Form This form is filled out to bring academic issues to the attention of administration. none Dean's Office PDF N/A
To download the latest free version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader click on the image below.

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