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On July 21st 2017, CMU was visited by the Curacao minister of science and education, Mrs. Marilyn Alcalá-Wallé.

During her tour of the school, she got a walkthrough of the modern technologies used by our medical students.
Mrs. Alcalá-Walle's first stop, was our Anatomage table. This is where students can dissect a digital body in order to learn and see the different anatomical parts of the human body.

She also did a 3D tour with the aid of our Oculus Rift computers, in which she could experience what it was like to be autistic and a close-up view of the various parts of an anatomy model.

Her last stop, was our cadaver lab. This is where supervised students get a more hands-on experience with an actual human body.
Mrs. Alcalá-Wallé was said to have had a very educational tour and concluded that CMU provides modern and high quality education to its students.

Date posted: August 11th, 2017

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