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Students Helping Red Cross

Congratulation to all our students who voluntarily participated in Red Cross assistance at Curacao Carnival. An appreciation letter has been received by the school from Red Cross Curacao.

Dear all,
We want to thank your University and the students for the assistance we have received.
We had a great time working with Dr. Patel, Christine, Abdul, Alexis, Yasmine, Eric and Shannah.
Dr. Patel has worked with Dr. Alcala in our field hospital. On February 14 Christine and Abdul has given their assistance on the ambulances of the Red Cross. On February 16 Alexis, Yasmine, Shannah has given their assistance on the Ambulances. Eric has also give his assistance in our field hospital.

Students with Red Cross

They had done a wonderful job on both Carnival marches on 14 and 16 of February 2010. They has given our voluntaries a good help by giving their assistance on our people (64) who needed help.

They all have shown a lot of interest and stayed till the end of the activities.
We from the Red Cross Curacao want to thank you all for the well done assistance of your students and Dr. Patel and hope we can work together by helping the Red Cross.
Jarmila Melfor
Red Cross Field hospital Commandant.

Date posted: April 12th, 2010

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