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White Coat Ceremony Spring '10

On February 5th as a tradition of our school, the white coat ceremony was held for new students organized by the school's administration along with the Student Government Association.

The white coat ceremony (WCC) is a relatively new ritual in some medical schools that marks the student's transition from the enrollment to the basic sciences.

WCC typically addresses the issue of medical ethics and praises rising incoming first year students for their success in completing the basic science portion of medical school curriculum. A reading of the Hippocratic Oath is a part of the ceremony and student's family and friends usually attend the event as well. Our school organizes a WCC every semester and many students now consider it a rite of passage in the journey toward a medical career.

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The event started at 3pm with a welcome speech of Saboor Khan, the President of Student Government Association, followed by Mr. Lewkowski, CEO about the current progress and future developments of the medical school. Mr. Destefano, the Administrative Dean, expressed his dedication to the academic quality and study environment improvements that will be implemented in the current year.

Dr. Patel described the new students his 20 year teaching experience and the dedication that each students should poses in order to become a qualified physician. Dr. Syed gave a speech gave a speech about the course of medical study and the inspiration for the first term students.

Inspirational Words and Poem was presented by Alla El Chami followed by a speech or Saboor Khan regarding the medical ethics of current and new students. The Presentation of White Coats was done by Dr. Patel after which all freshmen students took a Hippocratic Oath.

The event was concluded by the President of SGA with a closing remarks. The reception including snacks and refreshments ended the current semester's White Coat Ceremony at 5pm.

Date posted: February 09th, 2010

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