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Caribbean Medical University School of Medicine Financial Aid Office provides general information to prospective, currently enrolled students and families about the cost of medical education and available options to finance it. Here you will find information about the tuition and fees, scholarship programs, available types of financial aid programs, the aid application process and procedures.

Base on our experience, approximately 60% of the students of medical schools in the Caribbean may need financial support to pay a part or all of their educational expenses incurred while studying medicine.

CMU's Financial Aid Office

  • provides assistance in financial planning, budgeting, and completion application documents;
  • manages the financial aid programs available to CMU students;
  • administers the scholarships and payment plans;
  • oversees and approves the student loan disbursement process;
  • counsels medical students on debt management solutions.

Information Packages are mailed with forms and complete information regarding the application process (or internet access is granted to the electronic site) upon acceptance to the university. However, applicants who wish to review the process or receive counseling prior to acceptance are welcome to contact the Financial Aid Office.

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