International medical graduates who have previously graduated from a WDOMS* ( accredited international medical university can now update their year of graduation and receive recognized clinical experience enabling them competitive applicants for residency positions.

Residency programs require that applicant’s date of graduation be within five years of the match year they are applying for to be considered.

CMU's Advance Standing Program (ASP) allows graduates to gain knowledge & skills by completing 36 weeks (3 semesters) of clinical experience in specialties of their choice and complete at least one (1) core rotation through CMU. The clinical experience allows students to gain hands on experience in an in-patient setting. Graduates will be under direct supervision of preceptors who also hold strong positions at teaching hospitals. Graduates will have access to hospital operating rooms, direct patient contact, participate in hospital grand rounds and lectures.

Upon completion of three clinical semesters (MD 8, MD 9, and MD 10), they may qualify to graduate and receive a new Doctor of Medicine degree from Caribbean Medical University and update their graduation date.

Students must also pass all USMLE exams required to graduate: USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK & CS.
  • If you have completed all USMLE exams required, you may still need to complete an NBME exam before starting rotations.
  • If you have not completed any USMLE exams: NBME exams are required prior to the USMLE exams and rotations.

IMGs/FMGs who have not taken USMLE exams, and want to prepare, they can enroll on the following programs: Kaplan, Becker, or PASS program – minimum of 6 weeks and in person in any location near you. Students enroll separately and directly with the program of their choice after becoming a student at CMU. Just select a program, contact them (search online), and choose dates to start.

During these semesters, students will have access to the following:

  • In-patient exposure with top university hospitals & preceptors
  • Attain personalized letters of recommendation
  • US/Canadian clinical experience
  • Research opportunities
  • Participate in community health fairs & other extracurricular activities
  • Clinical sites in Illinois (Chicago) and Georgia (Atlanta) for all 36 weeks (3 semesters) of clinical rotations (rotations in other locations may be limited. Please contact the Clinical Dept. for more information)
  • Affordable tuition (payment plans available)
  • Establish relationships by working with department chairpersons, program directors, existing residents & fellows

By gaining recent clinical experience, new letters of recommendation and a recent graduation date, graduates can compete equally with fellow applicants when being considered for residency positions during the match process.

Applications for advance standing are evaluated on an individual basis by the Admissions Committee. Students accepted with be placed into the appropriate semester based on their academic backgrounds.

Applications to be accepted into transfer/advance standing are contingent upon the following conditions:

  • Transfer credits can be accepted for successfully passed courses only and from WDOMS listed schools*
  • Applicant must be in good academic standing
  • Transfer is subject to availability
  • Transfer must meet all documentation requirements of a new applicant
  • Official and up-to-date transcripts from medical school(s) attended must be provided
  • Students who want to transfer into the clinical rotation program have better chances if they have passed the USMLE Step 1
  • NBME exam is required prior to USMLE exams and or starting rotations

*Although your medical school may be listed on the directory, credits from some specific medical school may not be accepted. Based on the medical school an applicant is seeking transfer from, if accepted, the student may need to repeat courses to satisfy requirements. Please contact the Admissions Office to verify. Students from Podiatry, Allied Health, Chiropractic, Dentistry, Physician Assistants or Nursing schools are not granted advance standing. Health professions who want to upgrade their skill and earn an MD degree may be admitted into the first semester of the medical program if all prerequisites are completed.


  • Click here to apply
  • $75.00 application fee
  • List your medical school first on the application, then any premedical, undergraduate, graduate school
  • Select Program: Clinical Science
  • Enrollment terms: Spring (January), Summer (May), and Fall (September)


After applying, please login to your existing application and upload the documents below. If you have trouble to login, forgot your login, or need technical assistance to know how to upload documents, please contact

  • Photo (image format): one picture similar to a passport or ID photo (do not submit a picture of your passport as your photo)
  • One (1) official Letters of Recommendation (LOR) within one (1) year in PDF format: The letter must have an official seal/stamp or an official letterhead stationery and should be sent directly to the Admissions Office via email or regular mail.
  • CV/Résumé (PDF format): In concise terms, limit your resume to 750 words. Upload as your personal essay/statement.
  • Official Evaluation Report of Official transcripts & USMLE Scores (Step 1, Step 2 CK and Step 2 CS) – see below for details

    If you are ECFMG certified and have an evaluation report completed by any of the approved companies below and USMLE scores: please request an official copy of the evaluation report to be sent to us, and upload a copy of the certificate and USMLE scores on the 2nd letter of recommendation option

    If you are ECFMG certified, have USMLE scores, and do not have an evaluation report by any companies below: please request your Verification Report (through ECFMG EPIC) to be sent to us and can be sent electronically to, and upload a copy of the certificate and USMLE scores on the 2nd letter of recommendation option

    If you do not have an ECFMG certification and or evaluation report: please see below to request an evaluation report of your official medical school transcripts (and undergrad if applicable with premedical credits) – see details below.


Evaluations must be sent in an official sealed envelope, issued to CMU, and sent to us directly from the ECFMG EPIC or evaluation company (any below).
IMGs/FMGs from non-U.S., CA, and most Caribbean medical schools must request an evaluation for U.S. equivalence even if the school follows an English curriculum. If the transcripts are not in English, a translation is also required.

Type of Evaluation: course-by-course and GPA evaluation report for the medical school and any other applicable such as premedical (if not completed through the medical school), undergraduate, and or graduate schools.

List of Companies Accepted: please choose from one of the companies below, go to their website, and follow the instructions

  • Education Credential Evaluators (ECE):
  • World Education Services (WES):
  • Or any company listed with the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES)

Once the evaluation is completed, the companies must forward an official report to CMUwith your academic transcripts to the email or address below.

After applying, please send/request official Admission Documents (academic transcripts, evaluation reports, letters of recommendation, current standing letters) to the email address below or physical address

Please request official documents to be sent to CMU:

Caribbean Medical University
Attn: Office of Admission
5600 North River Road Suite 800
Des Plaines, IL 60018
Toll Free: (888) 877 4268
Fax: (302) 397 2092

Note: All documents forwarded to the Admission Office become a property of Caribbean Medical University.


Within two weeks of submitting an application and all admission documents required.


Within a month of the acceptance notification, accepted students should submit the acceptance form signed along with a $ 1,000 (one thousand) non-refundable seat deposit in order to reserve a seat in the classroom, clinical rotations, and for other services. The amount will be credited to the first semester tuition.

Feel free to contact CMU's Office of Admission at (888) 877 4268 Extension 1 for any questions or email

Important Information for Advance Standing Program Students

For more details and or information on immigration to the U.S., please contact the Clinical Department.

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