Tanu Pramanik BSc, MSc

Dr. Tanu Pramanik

Tanu Pramanik BSc. MSc. (Med. Psychology), has taken over the role of Assistant Dean in Pre-Medical Sciences at Caribbean Medical University. She is a well-trained medical educator and research fellow in allied health sciences.

Tanu Pramanik graduated from University of Calcutta, India and obtained her post graduate degree in Medical Psychology from Annamalai University, India. She received her specialized teacher’s training from Calcutta, India for teaching students with learning disorders. During her teachers’ training program, she visited several schools in European countries to evaluate the teaching and training system there. Her research papers have been published in several accredited International journals.

She taught Medical Psychology and Sociology in St. Augustin’s School in India for twelve years. During past two years teaching in Medical School in Netherland Antilles her areas of interest in teaching pre-medical sciences were Medical Psychology, Medical Ethics, Cell Biology and Organic Chemistry.

She is known for her special aptitude in preparing Pre-Medical students for transition of students coming from high school level of education to enter in Medical degree course successfully. With the help of a group of physicians in the faculty team CMU, she assesses the psychological backgrounds of the new pre-medical students and gradually trains them to pick up apparently difficult medical subjects in due course.

She is working for designing a suitable academic program for advancing high school level adolescent students who need carefully tailored teaching and learning program during their pre-medical education. She takes care of all her students on individual basis and counsels them on regular basis to educate them to develop Doctor-like personality.  “No student left behind”- is her motto in teaching career. Each Pre-Medical student of Caribbean Medical University accepts that they are most fortunate to get this opportunity.

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