Dr. Jogenananda Pramanik, MD.

Dr. Jogenananda Pramanik

Prof (Dr) Jogenananda Pramanik MD, MBBS, Dean of International Students Affairs is an internationally acclaimed medical educator, clinician, and administrator. He is responsible for screening admission documents, selecting quality applicants, ensuring regular payments of tuition to the the University and establishing Pre-Medical Science courses under affiliation with Caribbean Medical University in different countries as well as collaborating with several Universities in those countries. He is well known as a visionary leader in medical education.
He has worked as a physician since 1985. He worked as an Assistant Professor at Madras University, India, Associate Professor and Director of Laboratories at Tribhuvan University, Nepal, Visiting Professor and Coordinator in Peiking University, P.R.China, Professor & Chairman admission committee in St. Lucia, Professor & Course Director of Genetics and Immunology in the United Kingdom.
He graduated in medicine (MBBS) from University of Calcutta, India, obtained his post-graduate degree in medicine (MD) from Nagpur University, India was trained in system-based medical education program from World Health Organization ( WHO ) and Harvard Medical International( HMI )
He is known for excellence in teaching Medical Biochemistry, Medical Genetics and Medical Immunology. He has published more than 50 scientific papers in accredited International medical journals on Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Immunology.
His current area of interest is research in development of system-based, vertically-integrated medical teaching and training programs.
He has decided to implement system-based integrated basic medical science program in clinical environments as recommended by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).
He is now working for gradual reform of medical teaching and training program in CMU to give it a sharp cutting edge.
Higher rate of success in USMLE steps is his primary goal to achieve. He has introduced conventional, instructor-led-lecture classes, which is followed by an intensive learning process with group discussions and interactive sessions, case studies and presentations, bedside physical diagnosis and introduction to Internal Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics and regular practice for answering USMLE Q-bank.
This restructured medical teaching and training program in clinical environments, under direct supervision of experienced physicians and surgeons, is effectively motivating medical students to think, remember, recall, organize their thought processes and develop basic medical science concept to face upcoming challenges in their career path in medicine.
He is organizing a special teachers’ training program for the teachers who are new to this current system-based vertically integrated teaching and training program.
A large group of professors from different medical Universities in the US ( New York State University, University of Florida, University of Missouri, Cleveland Clinic State University ) and Toronto University, Canada joined the CMU faculty team as visiting professors to conduct the teachers training program and to ensure external quality control on ensuing medical education program in CMU.
His insightful articles/comments on reformation of medical education are regularly published in British Medical Journal, UK and Academic Medicine, USA.

Community health care is an integral part of the CMU teaching and training program. Prof (Dr) Pramanik is organizing health fairs for voluntary community service in collaboration with several local social service organizations to expose CMU students to tropical health problems. This is an important recommendation from Caribbean Medical Accreditation Council.
He has developed collaboration with a local nursing home which hosts 160 seniors between 65 to 100 years-old. CMU students are assisting the social workers and nursing staffs in the nursing home and learning about the pathophysiology of geriatric health problems.
Medical laboratories are coming forward to collaborate with CMU to provide hands-on experiences to CMU students on a regular basis. Prof(Dr) Pramanik is designing a long term plan to initiate research in medical science and initiate a dual MD/PhD program for CMU students in the near future.
Prof (Dr) Pramanik with his team of faculty is extending best wishes to all aspiring students of CMU and all other potential students planning to join CMU for a bright future.


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