Dr. Khalid Jamil Malik, BSc. MD. MHA.

Dr. Khalid  Jamil Malik

Prof (Dr) Khalid Jamil Malik BSc. MD. MHA. joined CMU faculty team from Chicago and took over the post of the Dean of Premedical sciences. Professor Malik graduated in general science in 1978. He graduated in medicine in 1983 and obtained his post graduate degree in medical sciences administration with honors from University of St. Francis, Chicago.
His extensive experiences as medical instructor and administrator at various positions during his extensive carrier  makes him suitable to support teaching program and administration at Caribbean Medical University.

His enthusiasm and zeal to train pre-medical and medical students, encouraged all the CMU students. He inspired all the students to adopt a disciplined life style and become successful physician in near future.
Prof. Malik worked as physician in Civil Health Department at the beginning of his professional life. Later he joined as medical training and establishment of field hospitals.

Dr. Malik is now included on the CMU faculty team as one of the well-groomed and motivated professors in integrated basic medical science curriculum. His academic qualification in general sciences blended with medical sciences, will be an asset for pre-medical science teaching and training curriculum.

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